Best Vodka Shikanji Recipe

Best-Vodka-Shikanji (1)

Shikanji Cocktail Recipe is sweet, tangy and spicy in taste. Try this recipe at home for any party as it makes a perfect Party Drink for warm summers.


1 can Frozen lemonade
1 can Frozen strawberry juice
1 small can Pine apple juice frozen
1 bottle Ginger ale, chilled
1 bottle Champagne


  • Have a cocktail shaker and fill it with crushed ice, vodka, lime juice, shikanji salt, mint leaves and sugar syrup
  • Shake all the ingredient well and strain the water in another cocktail glass
  • Garnish it with Lemon wheel and one mint leave. You can serve it straight for your guest on any party in the pleasant evening.

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Best Vodka Shikanji Recipe

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